Caribbean sailing holidays– winter battery recharge time!

Caribbean sailing holidays

Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy out-of-season Caribbean sailing holidays aboard a charter yacht warmed by the heat and sun of the Tropics. The Caribbean really is the perfect destination right now: flights are reasonable and, most importantly of all, not too long or challenging. There is no huge time difference to grapple with either so you really will be able to relax and make the most of a shorter cruise of a week or 10 days. Plus that is enough time to get a genuine taste of the very best the Caribbean islands have to offer.

When you see the Lesser Antilles, it feels like Poseidon joyfully flung handfuls of rocks into the Caribbean which, over the millennia, have morphed into islands ringed by coral reefs. They are, of course, absolutely ideal for sailing, snorkelling and diving. The climate in winter in this zone is also magnificent and luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean really do make the very most of it. Even though charter yachts come here to winter, you still need to book very well in advance, particularly at more popular times such as the Christmas and Easter holidays. But don’t forget either that there is perfect sailing here all the way to early May. Coming here “off season” can be very advantageous indeed both in terms of the craft on offer and having the area’s most perfect spots to yourself rather than sharing them with dozens of other yachts.

Luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean are no longer truly a voyage into an unexplored Eden but they do retain a definite attraction for winter breaks because everything is relatively close by and they offer an excellent way of soaking up some very relaxing sun and heat between December and April. You will find yourself immersed in a surprising world: there are 1,600 km of islands inhabited by very different peoples who speak a variety of languages and have very different histories. Each island has its own face, so to speak, and if you want to experience the area on a truly authentic level, you will need expert guidance from people that know the zone and sail it through both high and low seasons.

Choose Equinoxe Yachts and the boats in its charter fleet for a guarantee of success and to ensure you enjoy the very best these archipelagos have to offer on your luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean. Thanks to warm, friendly and highly professional crews who will cater to your every need from dawn to dusk.

Equinoxe Yachts has two suggestions for the Caribbean winter: Dharma and Feel So Good, very different types of boats but complementary in terms of the onboard comfort and ease of navigation they offer. Dharma (29 metres with four two-berth en suite cabins) is an ocean-going yacht built by the Southern Wind Shipyard that is perfect for cruising around the world. She will be based in Antigua offering charters to the Lesser Antilles from mid-December to April. Dharma is also one of the guest stars at the Antigua Yacht Show, which brings together the world’s most prestigious charter yachts on the stunning island of Antigua between December 4 and 10.

The gorgeous Feel So Good is a twin-hulled Lagoon 620 (18.9 metres with five two-berth en suite cabins) available for charter in the Caribbean from mid-March. This modern catamaran also makes the ideal base for watching the racing at the Antigua Sailing Week (April 28 to May 4 2018), the high point of the Caribbean regatta season and a perfect cocktail of competition and chic socialising.(April 28 to May 4 2018), the high point of the Caribbean regatta season and a perfect cocktail of competition and chic socialising.

Equinoxe Yachts’ unique brand of luxury sailing holidays in the Caribbean in has been specifically crafted around clients’ needs. Generally speaking, our cruises last between 7 and 10 days, winding their way along two main itineraries: from Antigua to Martinique (with calls to Antigua, Barbuda & Montserrat, Guadeloupe and Martinique), and from Martinique to Grenada or St. Vincent (with calls to Martinique, Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada).
So many islands and each one unique. Grenada is the spice island, Mustique the VIP island, Tobago Key the Rasta island, St. Lucia the home of the famous Pitons (two UNESCO World Heritage Site volcanic peaks). And, of course, there is also Martinique, renowned for its volcanic beaches, particularly Anse Turin, immortalised in the art of Paul Gauguin. The island is also famous for its Rhum Agricole, the special cane juice rum made in the local distilleries which you can visit to learn about the island’s history, production methods and, of course, taste the excellent results! The Trade Winds that caress this part of the world between December and May provide the magic touch that guarantees consistently fun, laid-back sailing.
All in all, Caribbean sailing holidays are a real must in general but experiencing one aboard an Equinoxe Yachts charter craft will be a genuine revelation.

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