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This winter, luxuriate in the timeless warmth and beauty of the Caribbean, fall in love with the ever-changing, endlessly fascinating Raja Ampat archipelago or dip into the crystal-clear waters of the Maldives and Seychelles. All these exciting destinations and many more besides await!
raja ampat mantamae


Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Indonesia: greet 2020 on exclusive voyage of discovery to the unparalleled beauty of the Raja Ampat Archipelago aboard Mantamae. You will be immersed in the astonishingly rich nature unique to this delicate ecosystem.
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Caribbean Cruises – and why not take in the Tropics too!

It's the right time to plan your winter warm holiday! Equinoxe Yachts offers you unforgettable Caribbean cruises or voyages of discovery in the Tropics this winter. Classic dream destinations for all yacht lovers.
sailing the aeolian islands

Sailing the Aeolian Islands with Kaskazi Four

They are one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean and yet there is still always something new to discover or some hidden cove that promises delicious solitude. All you need is the right skipper on your Aeolian Islands…
yacht charter italy

Yacht charter Italy: from Naples to Salerno – the top five must-have experiences

One of the most beautiful and coveted yacht cruising itineraries in the world starts in the Bay of Naples and then winds its way luxuriously along the Amalfi Coast. If you are longing for a genuine voyage of discovery, then the yacht charter…
sailing in sicily invictus

Sailing in Sicily – Falling in love with the island at sea and ashore

A cultural crossroads and cradle of Italian baroque, with a spectacular sea that will literally take your breath away. Sailing in Sicily is a wonderfully surprising and captivating experience. The island is an open-air museum of sorts so ravishing it is virtually impossible to take in with the eyes alone. You have to breathe it, touch it, taste it, to understand the island’s intimate yet genuine grandeur.

A Maldives yacht charter with Equinoxe Yachts

Embarking on a Maldives yacht charter aboard this traditional dhoni (the only craft local to the Maldives and, like her sister Stella 1, built in situ by local artisans) means embarking on a cruise in incredibly close contact with the sea but without missing out on any of the eco-chic charm of the shore-based resorts and spas that dot the islands: from the onboard service to the sophisticated cuisine that delights guests’ days, you really get everything you could desire.
Caribbean sailing holidays

Caribbean sailing holidays– winter battery recharge time!

Winter is the perfect time of year to enjoy out-of-season Caribbean sailing holidays aboard a charter yacht warmed by the heat and sun of the Tropics. The Caribbean really is the perfect destination right now: flights are reasonable and, most importantly of all, not too long or challenging. There is no huge time difference to grapple with either so you really will be able to relax and make the most of a shorter cruise of a week or 10 days. Plus that is enough time to get a genuine taste of the very best the Caribbean islands have to offer.
Antarctica cruise: exhilarating exploration at the edge of the world

Antarctica cruise: exhilarating exploration at the edge of the world

Sea, nature, dazzling colours, extraordinary wildlife. A voyage to the Great White Continent is a unique experience to savour between November and March when luxury Antarctica cruise offers truly exhilarating emotions. Ideal for intrepid holidaymakers wanting to sample the unique charm of expedition vessels that offer unparalleled standards of comfort.