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Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Indonesia: greet 2020 on exclusive voyage of discovery to the unparalleled beauty of the Raja Ampat Archipelago aboard Mantamae.


A pristine corner of paradise, the world centre of marine biodiversity, a last sanctuary for divers: the Raja Ampat Archipelago is all this and much more besides. Located off the north-western tip of Indonesian Papua, it is one of the world’s largest marine reserves: its 600-plus atolls and 1,500 islands are home to over 600 different types of coral and more than 1,300 marine species alone.

Raja Ampat’s name (which in Indonesian means Four Kings) comes from local mythology. Legend has it that a woman found seven eggs, four of which hatched and produced four kings who ruled the archipelago’s largest islands: Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo.

The sheer variety of the scenarios visitors will encounter both above and below water in Raja Ampat is spectacular: within a few hundred metres, they will transition from deep ocean waters to coastal lagoons teeming with endemic species. But it is the coral barrier reef that is the real living, beating heart of this area. Diving fans deem Raja Ampat the planet’s last pristine underwater paradise, a place where they can encounter manta rays, shark, dugongs and seahorses.   The rest of the islands are covered in dense forests where over 200 species of birds and mammals of the likes of the common spotted cuscus and the tree-dwelling rat, flourish.

Exploring the Raja Ampat Archipelago aboard a yacht like the elegant 31-metre schooner-rigged Phinisi, Mantamae, means  you will be immersed in the astonishingly rich nature unique to this delicate ecosystem.  With a professional crew to guide you throughout, suggesting the very best spots for diving, swimming and other marine activities as well as shore excursions.  Activities and itineraries may change depending on weather conditions and the preferences of Mantamae’s guests.


Stunning sheltered bays, gleaming white sandy beaches and one of the most pristine barrier reefs on the planet. The terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the Fam Islands is nothing short of astonishing, making them perfect for diving and exploring by kayak. The stunning beauty of their underwater world is more than matched by the islands themselves which blaze with spellbinding colour and breathtaking vistas just before sunset. Best viewed from atop one of the hillier islands.



Two small islands where nature and peace reign supreme. Their powdery white sandy beaches are the perfect place for a delicious barbeque or simply to retreat to from the chaos of modern life. The waters here are normally calm and clear, the stuff of snorkelling, kayaking and paddle-boarding heaven.


Diving fans will get to explore whole colonies of black coral, marbled cat sharks and stunning shoals of fish.



The Wayag Islands are one of the Rajat Ampat Archipelago’s most iconic destinations. Tiny islands cluster together to create charming hidden unspoilt bays that deliver breathtaking kayaking. Don’t neglect to call to Pearls Fam to watch pearl fishermen going about the delicate work of harvesting.

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Kawe is one of the closest of the Raja Ampat islands to the equator, and is home to spectacular beaches and idyllic countryside teeming with waterfalls. It also offers some of the best diving in the area and if you are lucky, you may even get to swim with manta rays.  The best diving sites are Eagle Rock, Meze Equator, One Tree Island and Razor Rock.



Surfers of the world take heed! If you are looking for a fabulous place to surf in the Raja Ampat Archipelago, you won’t do better than Waigeo.  Glorious, deserted land and seascapes abound.



The long, narrow Kri is a small lush green island renowned for the marvellous barrier reefs that surround it, its quiet beaches and dive bases.  Unlike many of the other islands, visitors will be able to meet the local people who are very friendly and delighted make their acquaintance.



Price per week (Christmas and New Year) $30,800, all inclusive.

Price per week (other months) $28,000, all inclusive

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