Exclusive maldives dhoni cruise

A superyacht voyage of discovery of the Maldives, an archipelago comprising thousands of coral islands created when the peaks of imposing islands emerged from the depths of the Indian Ocean over 60 million years ago.

There are 26 natural atolls in total, each one encompassing hundreds of tiny islands. Of the latter, just 200 are inhabited and offer visitor facilities, while the others are deserted and often so small they are essentially just a small strip of sand lapped by a crystal-clear sea. It is these most authentic, off-the-beaten-track areas of the Maldives that we want to help you explore on a unique private cruise aboard a dhoni, one of the traditional local boats sailed by crews with expert knowledge of the area who will help you plan your itinerary day-by-day.

  • PRICES FROM: 728 USD per day
  • DURATION: minimum 3 days
  • DEPARTURES:January-December
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  • PRICES:  728 USD to 1,232 USD per day full-board
  • DURATION: minimum 3 days
  • DEPARTURES: January-December
  • VESSEL: Stella I and II
  • TYPE: Maldivian dhoni
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: 2 cabins with en suite bathrooms sleeping a maximum of 6 guests
  • CREW: 4
  • TENDERS: 1
  • AMENITIES: fishing and snorkelling gear, Wi-F

Dhoni Stella I e II

Stella I and Stella II are two luxury Maldivian dhonis, each stretching 23 metres in length. Both effortlessly marry tradition and comfort in a perfect melding of modern and classic styling. There are just 2 passenger cabins aboard each craft, accommodating a maximum of 6 guests. Private charter cruises are of the very highest standard in terms of itineraries, activities and onboard lifestyle. 

Meticulously crafted from local wood and impeccably finished, Stella I and Stella II are the perfect blend too of seafaring prowess and elegance. The cruises offered are modelled on timescales and itineraries that underscore the unique features of these charming deeply-traditional local craft which, of course, are equipped with all modern amenities and are the perfect choice for diving fans.

Privacy and luxury are the two bywords aboard our dhonis as they cruise the Maldives. You choose exactly how you wish to spend each moment of your luxury sailing holiday to ensure you get exactly the experience you want. You can visit deserted islands accessible only by sea and experience all the luxury and comfort of liveaboard life far from more touristy areas of the Maldives. You can even choose to hop from resort to resort by private yacht which will await you at anchor while you enjoy a spa treatment, sip cocktails as the sun goes down or dine in a local fine restaurant. In other words, you get to write the logbook and create your own unforgettable holiday memories of the Maldives.



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