Luxury sailing holidays with a difference

A whole new perspective on the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond.

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Our luxury sailing holidays take you away to exotic destinations but offer much more besides also, allowing you to combine an exclusive cruise with visits to and, if desired, stays ashore in some of the most enchanting areas on the planet.
If fitted out for offshore navigation and sailed by an expert crew capable of tackling any kind of sea, the same yacht can be used to sail as happily in Tonga as in Alaska, the Seychelles and the Mediterranean. So just select the boat or destination of your dreams and we’ll think about making your holiday as unique – and safe – as possible.

Blue Deer and Kaskazi Four

The Caribbean, Bahamas and Cuba: Blue Deer and Kaskazi Four

Heed the siren call of adventure and follow in the footsteps of Ulysses aboard Blue Deer or Kaskazi Four through the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean in summer or the Caribbean and the Bahamas in the northern winter.

Feel so Good
Seychelles: Feel so Good

Allow yourself to be transported by the magic of sailing aboard Feel So Good in the crystalline waters of the Seychelles where the catamaran is based during the tropical summer. After the season in the Indian Ocean, Feel So Good then sails to the Mediterranean.

Indonesia: Silolona

Built from hard woods and boasting every possible guest amenity, this traditional Thai craft embarks on private summer cruises through the marine parks and reserves surrounding the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Flores, Banda, Raja Ampat and West Papua.
In winter, on the other hand, she sails the Andaman Sea and the waters of Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Choose the time of year and destination you desire to make your dreams come true to perfection.



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