Svalbard cruises: a stone’s throw from the North Pole

Cruise to Spitsbergen, the largest and most populated island in the Svalbard archipelago, which floats in the Arctic Ocean a mere 300 miles from the North Pole. Remote, wild and incredibly beautiful, Spitsbergen is peppered with high rugged mountain peaks covered in frozen tundra and glaciers. Arctic birds, polar bears, whales and walruses are all protected on the island. Surrounded by pack ice, its coastline is, however, accessible to visitors during the Artic summer, treating them to dazzling expanses of mosses, lichens and brightly-coloured wild flowers as well as its unique wildlife.

  • RATES FROM: 5,195$
  • FROM TO: Longyearbyen (Svalbard)
  • DURATION: 9/11/13 days
  • DEPARTURES: June – July
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  • RATES FROM: 5,195$
  • FROM TO: Longyearbyen (Svalbard)
  • DURATION: 9/11/13 days
  • DEPARTURES: June – July
  • SHIP: Ocean Nova
  • TYPE: Expedition Vessel
  • ACCOMODATIONS: 38 outside cabins with exterior views and en-suite facilities
  • CREW: 38
    • Facilities en suite
    • Flat-screen TVs and DVD players
    • Chef-prepared meals
    • Spacious dining room
    • Polar Library with a large collection of polar books and DVDs
    • Glass-enclosed observation lounge
    • 24 hour beverage service and bar

Ocean Nova
Ocean Nova is an expedition vessel designed to whisk travellers to the world’s most remote corners in complete comfort and safety. A comfortable modern ship that, despite her impressive size, welcomes just 78 fortunate passengers aboard for her Artic Circle cruises.

Other vessels
Sea Adventurer
Designed to take her passengers to the world’s most remote regions in complete comfort, Sea Adventurer was built in former Yugoslavia in 1976, refurbished in 1999 and upgraded again in 2002. You will be pleasantly surprised by this expedition vessel which can welcome up to 117 passengers. She also offers very generous communal and entertainment areas including a lounge, bar, dining saloon with balconies, and covered areas for strolling and drinking in the sea views.



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