The Tonga Islands – Swim with whales in Tonga

Sailing the Tonga Islands aboard a luxury yacht is a truly unique experience as Polynesia’s island kingdom more than lives up to its fairy tale name.

A genuine pearl of the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Tonga lies between French Polynesia and the Fijian Islands. It comprises 173 wild beautiful islands and islets, most reachable only by sea and all sparsely inhabited. Plan your exclusive cruise to the Tonga Islands where you’ll sail this enchanted archipelago in complete comfort and safety. Between July and October, it also provides the backdrop to one of the most surprising adventures afforded by Mother Nature: a close encounter with the hundreds of whales that have been coming to these warm waters for thousands of years to mate and give birth.
In the mating season, these majestic cetaceans abound, providing an everyday miracle, and if you wish you can also swim with them.