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Luxury boats for sale

Finding a broker you can trust is the first step towards sourcing or offering luxury boats for sale on the international market. The experience and reliability of the broker who will act as your intermediary and a good quality-price ratio will be the keys to ensuring the most successful sale of your custom or production yacht or to acquiring a genuinely five-star pre-owned craft.

In its 30 years in business, at Equinoxe Yachts we have built our reputation in the brokerage world by making it our mission to offer our clients only the finest luxury sailing and motoryachts on the nautical market. To do so we focus on the uniqueness of our luxury boats for sale as well as those we purchase on behalf of the mostly non-Italian owners who contact our Turin headquarters.
Corrado Di Majo and Alessandro Ussi personally handle client sales/purchases of luxury boats, both sailing and motor (mostly 22-metres and upwards). The duo founded the company after clocking up thousands of sea miles between them and also building an in-depth knowledge of the boat world. Thus far, in fact, 500 luxury boats for sale have passed very successfully through their hands, a third of which were custom craft of over 20 metres.
A broker’s job today is mostly about finding the best boats rather than finding clients,” explains Corrado Di Majo talking about the yacht sales division of Equinoxe. “To do that, we finalise the deal with the clients and then work with a worldwide network of collaborators who help us with screening to avoid fraud and swindles, spot unresolvable administrative difficulties early on and advise us on the most advantageous changes of flag for the specific situation.”

Professionals are born, not made….
Professional help is essential and experience is what makes all the difference. This is what makes consulting Equinoxe Yachts such a superior experience, a world away from simply trawling the web yourself, which can at best prove a confusing experience and at worst a hugely risky minefield for potential “DIY” owner.
“In most cases, owners come to Equinoxe because we tick all the right boxes and have the professional experience to handle a mandate of sale,” explains Di Majo. “We have sold hundreds of pre-owned boats and have also handled the builds of several custom yachts from design to launch, which is another of our specialities.
90% of the yacht sold through Equinoxe went to foreign clients from the markets on which we are currently expanding our business: Northern Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. Equinoxe’s market snapshot brilliantly reflects the reality on the ground – the Made in Italy style of brokerage remains the most popular with foreign owners searching for yachts.
“We have a lot of excellent luxury boats for sale that were built in Italy by international yards of excellence. We have both a quality product and demand from abroad. Using those factors as our starting point, we want to grow as a broker of luxury boats for sale on the international market,” Corrado Di Majo says. “Equinoxe’s sales division is growing strongly with a strategic focus on establishing solid, professional relationships with areas of the world where the market is currently developing.”

The market
Despite the nautical market being badly setback in the recent economic crisis, Equinoxe’s results remain superb, particularly for the last last few years. A combination of our reputation and natural selection (which worked to the benefit of larger brokers, like ourselves, who were able to communicate effectively with the international market) did the rest. The market is now picking up again after the 2008-2009 economic crash. The foreign market is particularly buoyant, especially North Europe, America and Asia.
Scanning the yacht sales market for the best craft to offer to potential clients also involves, of course, establishing a proactive presence. This is why Equinoxe Yachts takes part in all the leading international charter and broker Boat Show (Miami, Antigua, Singapore, etc.) with a 360-degree presence well beyond the Straits of Gibraltar.

Expert opinions, regulations and bureaucracy
Finding boats is, however, just one small part of the complex work behind a mandate of sale or purchase. A good broker will also arrange expert evaluations and essentially deal the whole administrative and bureaucratic side of the process. Once again, working with professionals of the calibre of Corrado Di Majo and Alessandro Ussi makes all the difference in this regard.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid tax and regulatory problems when you decide to buy a large luxury yacht,” explains Corrado Di Majo. “Flags of convenience, setting up owner companies, managing crews and interfacing clients are all in a day’s work to us. Putting yourself in the hands of the professionals is everything and we are proud to say that in our 30 years in business, Equinoxe has never had a client report a problem.”
Equinoxe will guarantee you safe, reliable deals as it is a long-standing member of the MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) and the CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association) as well as a founder-member of Nautica Italiana – a guarantee in itself.
The yacht market is no place for amateurs. There are significant risks involved in buying or selling a luxury boat – be it a sailing or motor-powered, classic or brand-new – that really are not worth taking. Equinoxe Yachts operates according to the working standards and procedures of these huge sector representative associations which, quite rightfully, are considered the leading authorities on the international stage. This is why buying or selling your yacht with the assistance of Equinoxe’s professional team make good sense. We encapsulate the very best of the Made in Italy approach but we also go the extra mile for our clients.

Discover the yachts available through Equinoxe Yachts

Sailing yachts for sale

Good Shot by CNB
20 mt – 3 cabins – 6 guests

Skip’ N Bou by Southern Wind Shipyard
23.99 m – 6/7 guests – 3 cabins

Motoryachts for sale

Noi Toy by Toy Marine
20.70mt, 6 guests, 3 cabins

Sebytwo, by Maxi Dolphin
15.45m – 2 guests – 1 crew

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