Yacht charter in Italy: sailing or motor, we’ll make your dreams come true

yacht charter in italy

Tailoring a yacht charter in Italy around the individual needs of each client as if it were an haute couture garment is an art that demands experience, in-depth familiarity with cruising venues and an intimate knowledge of the maritime culture.  This applies regardless of whether the craft in question is sail or motor-powered. Equinoxe Yachts has mastered that particular art to a T in the course of its 30-plus years in the exclusive luxury charter business. A career that has earned it an international reputation for the superb quality of the 360° consultancy and services it offers.

Matching individual interests and wishes with places, the people embarking on a cruise and experiences that will leave a lifelong emotional impact is no easy task.  Be it a family yacht charter in Italy, a romantic couples getaway on a dream yacht or an adventure-fuelled expedition to some exclusive location, Equinoxe Yachts will find the perfect recipe to ensure that everyone’s dreams come true.


“To guarantee all of this,” explains Alessandro Ussi, who founded Equinoxe Yachts with Corrado Di Maio and is now responsible for its charter business, “we study the charter market very closely indeed. For the last 26 years in a row, we have taken part in the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, the MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, the Greek Charter Show in Nafplio, the Monaco Boat Show and the Cannes Yachting Festival, which bring together the leading international brokers. We personally select the very finest yachts and best crews, all of whom are qualified professionals in their fields.”  

As one of the very few forerunners in the Italian charter business,  Equinoxe now has an extensive network of contacts both ashore and on the water to deal with any and all requests. It also has a fleet of first-class yachts on its books which it manages as a central agency and on behalf of third parties.

“The shows provide we sector professionals with an opportunity to evaluate the yacht charter in Italy situation, be it sailing or motor, so we can then present the craft to our clients,” explains Ussi. “The boats are offered on behalf of the owner and inspected by the brokers. We at Equinoxe work on both sides of the business: on the one hand, we present our yachts and on the other, we are actively searching out and evaluating third-party boats.”


Founded specifically with the yacht charter in Italy sector in mind, Equinoxe Yachts has spent over 30 years honing its vocation on the motor yacht front too and can offer a truly exclusive choice for both kinds of craft.

Our central agency and 100% Made in Italy boats are unique to us and suit the Italian summer to perfection. They are, however, not the only jewel in this Turin-based company’s crown.

“Having Italian yachts with Italian crews,” points out Ussi, “means a lot to foreigners looking to spend a holiday in our waters and along our coasts, pampered and lulled by great Italian cuisine as well as an incredibly rich culture and landscapes that are unique in the world in terms of their sheer variety and beauty.”

But no one knows Italy better than the people that live there and that’s why when foreign clients come looking for a sailing or motor yacht charter in Italy, they know they can trust Equinoxe to help them explore this lovely country.

For Italian clients and also those looking for a truly exclusive yacht charter in Italy, Equinoxe Yachts also has an incredibly broad choice of specialist options. “We can offer a consultancy service for virtually anywhere in the world and can encourage Italian clients to have the confidence to let us organise the kind of cruises we refer to as expeditions,” explains Alessandro Ussi. “Seafaring voyages on unique boats with individually tailored itineraries.”



Equinoxe Yachts has an intimate knowledge of the most beautiful areas that can be visited by boat, motor and sailing.  It fosters and promotes the whole yacht charter in Italy culture with unique destinations and programmes individually designed and tailored. Regardless of whether it’s a cruise that combines diving with exploration, that goes all the way to the Poles or areas of primordial beauty like the Galapagos, Equinoxe holidays are never “off the shelf” and not the kind of experience you will ever be able to plan simply by surfing the net. These are the kinds of experiences you simply won’t get from a traditional charter picked off a website.

For a crewed charter to be successful and completely live up to your clients’ expectations, you need to find the right boat and the right skipper and create the conditions for them to do what the client wants,” says Ussi.  “That means crafting a genuinely tailor-made holiday, in other words.”

Like the leading international brokers, Equinoxe creates bespoke experiences that can be tailored to every need. We offer a one-to-one consultancy on everything sea and boat-related. Not forgetting that all travellers have their own private vision of the journey they wish to undertake. So Equinoxe works to turn those hopes into reality and ensure they have the experience they dreamed of.   This applies to both Italian and non-Italian clients, of course.

“If we have a client that wants specific experiences, we create the conditions for that to happen and we literally build a bespoke programme,” says Alessandro Ussi.

Therein lies Equinoxe Yachts’ greatest skill: we can cater to the needs of Italian clients wanting to embark on adventurous expedition cruises on the one hand and on the other offer our clients from abroad the very best of Made in Italy.


Equinoxe Yachts also gets a huge number of yacht charter in Italy enquiries from Northern European and British clients. Arab clients are keen to charter motoryachts while Brazilians like catamarans. Americans always go for sailing yachts, the Russians have a passion for motorcraft. Even Australians come to us looking to discover the real Italy and enjoy the experience of working with a genuinely local Italian agent with an international angle. So Equinoxe does not deal anyone specific foreign market in particular – it really does have a very international client base.


Aside from charters, Equinoxe Yachts also takes care of every other aspect of the holiday experience: transfers ashore, bookings in resorts so that you can treat yourself to a couple of days of chilling out after your cruise, intercontinental flights, helicopter transport as well as targeted visits and routes meticulously designed to offer exactly what the client wants to see or experience.

With the Mediterranean season now just around the corner, we advise planning your boating holiday as soon as possible to guarantee the most interesting options. This year we were inundated with enquiries from clients as early as January.

So regardless of whether you are aficionados with a love of the sea and some sailing experience (and so know what to expect of a sailing or motor yacht charter in Italy or abroad) or this is your very first cruise, Equinoxe Yachts will guide you through your options to ensure you make the best choice for you. The result will be a unique, quality and stress-free experience as we will take care of all the organising of the cruise.  But there is more to that than just finding the right boat. We also need to be sure that the crew matches the client’s requirements too and will be able to plan every last detail to perfection, from shore excursions to wine lists and onboard menus.

No two travellers are the same which is why we design bespoke, personalised charters centred around the unique qualities of each of our clients,” says Alessandro Ussi.

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